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Bar Mitzvah

teffilinYour son’s up coming Bar Mitzvah, is a Simcha that is shared with your nearest and dearest. At Elements NY we can assist you in creating the finishing touches that will enhance your son’s special day. Your guests will love taking home the small gifts we can create.

Challa Covers
Custom Challa Cover
Custom Clocks
Custom Covers for Benchers
Custom Covers for Chumashim
Custom Covers for invitation
Custom Covers for Siddurim
Custom Covers for Tehillim
Custom Yarmulkes
Embroidery on Cloth Napkins
Embroidery on Towels
Embroidery on Yarmulkes
Printing on favor bags/boxes
Printing on Garment bags
Printing on Napkins
Printing on Pillow case
Printing on Tote Bags
Printing on towels
Printing on T-shirts
Printing on Yarmulkes
Tefillin Mirror

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